Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Strawberry Banana Oatmeal

Strawberry banana is such a classic flavor combo. I usually eat these two fruits together in a fruit smoothie, but today they came together in my oatmeal bowl.

I had a few strawberry stragglers left in the container in the fridge, and they weren't looking pretty enough to eat as-is with cold cereal. I figured cooking them was the way to go, and sure enough, they were sweet and tasty when heated through!

I just cooked the oats on the stovetop with water and a little nutmeg, and then added in about a cup of chopped strawberries. Once the oats and berries were cooked, I added some stevia, poured them in a bowl and topped them with half a sliced banana.

I also had a glass of skim milk on the side for some extra protein. I love washing down my warm oats with a cold glass of milk. Mmm.


Time for today's Earth Day tip! This is one I can definitely get behind.

Earth Day Tip #5 (courtesy of Live Right magazine): Grow a plant! Rather than throwing away the seeds from the vegetables and fruits you eat, try growing them!
Avocados are a fun one to try because they look so cute in a glass, and the pits that we usually throw in the trash are ginormous. They need lots of warmth and sunlight, so for us NJ peeps, they're best grown indoors near a sunny window.


To grow an avocado pit, first remove the pit covering by slipping the tip of a pairing knife under the thin side. Use toothpicks to suspend the pit, flat side down, over a glass. Add water until the base of the pit is immersed. Keep in a warm, dimly lit spot. The pit will eventually crack and a root will emerge, followed by a stem shooting upward. Cut the stem halfway down when it's 7-8 inches high, cutting directly above the spot where a leaf is forming. Put the plant in bright sunlight at this point. As branches grow, periodically pinch off the growing tips to promote fullness. As the plant grows, you can put it in a pot with soil and keep it in direct sunlight.
Happy planting!


  1. avocados are really fun to watch grow, great teaching opportunity if you have kids too

    1. I haven't tried it yet, but I plan to!