Friday, April 6, 2012

Coal Fired Pizza + Riker Eats Food!

Happy Friday! My sister Amanda came into town last night for the weekend, and as we like to do we stayed up chatting way into the wee hours. I always love when she comes to visit. Since we were busy catching up, I didn't get a chance to post about our lovely dinner last night, so let's back up a bit.


Just before dinner, we headed out on an hour-long walk to get some fresh air and let our crazy dog run around. We have a park right behind our neighborhood that is always empty, so we're able to let him run around off-leash and burn off some energy.

Don't you love the sneakers with skinny jeans look? Winking smile

After our walk, we headed out to grab a bite at a new place we've been wanting to check out, Nino's Coal Fired Pizza. After watching a pizza episode on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, we just couldn't shake the craving for some wood fired pizza.

The place was great. They gave us bruschetta when we first sat down, which was quite good. Then we split a house salad and some balsamic calamari. Both were delicious!

I was really impressed with the house salad. It was filled with veggies, kalamata olives and fresh shaved parmesan cheese, then all chopped up. My fave! I'd also never had balsamic vinegar on calamari before, and it was really good - especially since they used the good stuff. You know how I feel about my balsamic vinegar. Winking smile

It was about this time that Riker started screaming, and no amount of rocking, jostling or cradling would calm him down. We were definitely those people with the screaming baby in a crowded restaurant. Oops. We asked the waitress to just box up our pizza to go rather than bringing it out on plates so we could let the other diners enjoy their meals in peace...but of course, right when she brought out the boxes, Riker was all smiles. So, we decided to stay and eat our slices real quick, right out of the box. Classy, right?

I liked that Nino's offered all their pizzas in "personal" size, so Matt and I could each order our own flavors. Matt ordered broccoli rabe and sausage, and I ordered tomato, basil and olive. The coal fired oven gave the crust a really great crispy texture and grilled flavor.

I only ate a little of my pizza and saved the rest for today. It was really good though, I definitely recommend it for all you local peeps!


Matt's off work today for Good Friday, which means a good breakfast was in store for us. He made each of us fried egg sandwiches with Laughing Cow cheese on a Thomas' everything bagel thin. I love these bagel thins because they really taste like an everything bagel, but they only have 100 calories.

I had a Golden Delicious apple on the side as well.

And guess who else got to eat a real breakfast this morning?

The little guy! Riker ate real food for the first time this morning, out of a spoon and everything. It was just some rice cereal that looked like soup, but it was a first for him and he did great. Okay that's a bad picture, I's dark and he looks miserable. But really, he loved it - almost as much as we loved feeding him. Smile

Now my sister and I are headed out for some girly time. Mani/pedis here we come! It's officially flip-flop weather, and these toes need some lovin'.

Enjoy your Friday!

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