Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Earth Month

Last night's dinner was a weeknight favorite - sausage and peppers! A vegetarian version, of course.

Sometimes Matt will make himself a real meat dish while I make a vegetarian version for myself, but these veggie sausages are so good (and so much healthier!) that he just eats these guys instead. We buy LightLife Italian Style "Smart Sausages" and serve them up with peppers, onions, tomatoes and a little hot sauce.

I cook the "sausages" separately, then saute the veggies with a little cooking spray and salt. Once the veggies start to get soft, I add some tomato sauce and a dash of hot sauce.

The veggies were steamy! Served up on a potato bun, this dinner only has about 270 calories - mostly from protein - plus a couple servings of veggies. Not bad!


Breakfast this morning was a simple cereal bowl with a banana and skim milk - today I had a mix of Kashi Island Vanilla plus some ShopRite organic fiber cereal. It's looking like another beautiful day, so I'm holding off until it warms up a bit and then going for a run outside instead of working out indoors. I only have a few more weeks of maternity leave, so I'm going to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible!

Earth Month

Now for some enviro talk! When we were grocery shopping last week, I picked up a copy of ShopRite's new "Live Right" magazine. It actually has some good recipes I plan to try, but it also has quite a few good tips on how to live healthfully. This month's focus is on being "green" since Earth Day is April 22.

Matt and I try to be environmentally conscious (picture a Vermont-raised girl and her biology teacher boy) and we do our best to choose "green" products, conserve where we can and live sustainably. It's not always easy, of course, so I love getting tips on how to make greener decisions. The Live Right magazine had some interesting tidbits I'd never heard before, so I thought you all might be interested in them too! In honor of Earth month, I'm going to share one tip each day from now until Earth Day. Hopefully you find them as helpful and interesting as I did!

So here goes -

Earth Day Tip #1 (courtesy of Live Right magazine): Tackle one item at a time. Whether it's cleaning supplies, personal care/beauty products or gardening/yard products, every month try to replace at least one product with an eco option. Look for plant-based cleaners or cosmetics, household items and clothing made from bamboo and organic cotton, or office supplies made with recycled materials.

It's definitely less overwhelming to try to replace products one at a time rather than go green all at once, which is why I really liked this tip. Wise words, indeed!

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