Friday, April 13, 2012

Quirky Habits

I am about to share some of my quirky habits with you on this fine Friday. Aren't you excited? Breakfast this morning was the exact same as yesterday, except I used strawberries instead of bananas in the smoothie, so let's just move right along to the rest of the day.

Matt's sister Missy offered to watch Riker today, and I gladly took her up on her offer so I could get some errands done. I love spending the day with Riker, but lugging a car seat in and out of every store takes a toll! I'm going back to work next week and really needed to pick up some new dress clothes since all the ones I wore last spring/summer were maternity, so to the mall I went.

I hadn't had my coffee yet, so my first stop was to Starbucks for an iced vanilla latte. Which brings me to my first quirky habit...

Quirky Habit #1: I have to drink my coffee by 10:00 AM or it doesn't "take." I have to drink at least one glass of water before anything else in the morning or I feel really dehydrated, but I also have to drink my coffee before 10 or I feel lethargic and headache-y all day. Any of you coffee drinkers with me? Matt also thinks I should add that I like my coffee to be piping hot when I first get it, but I always let it cool off for about 15 minutes before I actually drink it. Why I am I so weird? Ha!

I unfortunately didn't find much while shopping today, but I managed to snag a few fun things. While I was unpacking the goods at home, I realized I have:

Quirky Habit #2: I always seem to buy clothes in the same color scheme every time I shop. I don't realize I'm doing it at the time, but when I get home and unload my bags, most of the time everything is the same color. So weird!

I guess today I was in the mood for all things beige.

I was starving by the time I left the mall and had to go to Seaside to pick up Riker, so I made a pit stop at Atlanta Bread for a sandwich on the go.

I ordered the veggie sandwich on 9-grain bread, and it was actually really good. It had lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers and cheddar cheese. I ordered it sans mayo and declined the kettle cooked chips, since those things are dangerously delicious. And that brings me to...

Quirky Habit #3: I always order tomatoes on my sandwich, and then I always take them off before I actually eat the sandwich. Every.single.time. Matt cracks up about this habit of mine. I am really picky about my tomatoes - they have to be ripe, red, and devoid of any white, hard spots or pieces of core. I always pick apart my sandwiches to inspect the tomatoes before eating them, and most of the time they are white and nasty. You'd think I would just stop ordering them by now. But today's sandwich had juicy red tomatoes for once, score!

It was a beautiful day today, so after picking up Riker I headed over to the beach to take him for a walk. 

Sigh. It's impossible to be anything but serene when you're looking at a view like that. 

Time to curl up on the couch with Matt and Butters - Silence of the Lambs is on TV, which means this is where I'm parking my butt for the next two hours. That movie never gets old. Hope you have a great Friday night!

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