Sunday, April 22, 2012

Connecticut Family Day

Yesterday turned out to be a great day with the fam. Not that I expected anything less! We took our time getting going in the morning, and it was really nice to just lounge around and catch up for a few hours.

After a while, we all headed out to enjoy the beautiful weather. Matt and Butters went mountain biking for a few hours (that dog can burn energy like no other) while my dad, his girlfriend Darlene, Amanda and I did a little shopping. Around 1:30 we all met back up at a local pub & restaurant, Plan B Burger Bar, for lunch.

We thought we would beat the lunch crowd by getting there early afternoon, but this place was jamming and we had a 20 minute wait. It was well worth it! The place had a really good vibe, our server was really friendly, they had a great beer selection, and the food was all organic, humanely raised (for the meat eaters), and incredibly tasty.

A few of us ordered beers (Matt and I can never resist ordering beers when a restaurant has such a huge selection on tap), and our server was kind enough to offer me samples of the three different brews I was trying to decide between. Thank goodness, because I ended up choosing the one I thought I wouldn't like - a BBC River Ale. It was slightly sweet, very smooth and perfect for a sunny day.

Soon after we started sipping our drinks, this arrived...

Oh baby. Our appetizer was called "Blue Chips," and it was a pile of house made crispy chips covered with crumbled blue cheese, tomatoes, jalapenos and red onions, then topped with a blue cheese sauce and crumbled bacon (bacon on the side in our case since I can't eat it). This was definitely not on the heart-friendly list, but wow was it good. We figured we could splurge if we split it between 5 people. :)

For my entree, I ordered the salmon burger on a whole wheat bun, and I subbed out the fries for a salad instead. Glad I made that choice after eating all those chips and blue cheese! 

The salad was really fresh and flavorful, and the burger was by far the best salmon burger I've ever tasted. It was sushi grade salmon so could be cooked to temperature, which is always a good sign. It was so tender and full of flavor, especially topped with pickled red onions. I ended up taking off the bun and just eating the salmon with the veggie toppings. 

Great meal with the family!

After lunch my dad and Darlene got on the road to head back to Vermont, and the rest of us decided to soak up the sunshine by spending the remainder of the afternoon at the park near Amanda's apartment. Ah, relaxation.

We were pretty spent by the time evening rolled around, so we decided to hang out at home in our pj's and fall asleep watching movies on the couch. Great night!


We headed back to NJ this morning in the rain, and now I'm playing catch-up to get things in order for the work week. I'm starting back in the city tomorrow morning, so early mornings are on their way. Catch you tomorrow!

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