Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cereal Writer's Block

Cereal was for breakfast around these parts this morning. Before getting started on the day, I fueled up with a bowl of "Golden Flakes with Flax", a sliced banana and skim milk.

I don't think ShopRite put much effort into naming their Kashi-knock off cereals...they went with things like "Fiber Flakes," "Fiber Puffs," and my personal favorite, "Twigs and Sticks." I can picture the product marketing guy sitting at his desk trying to come up with catchy names, and then finally throwing up his hands and saying "Whatever! Let's just call them what they really are - twigs and sticks." Ha! They're always cheaper than Kashi, though, and most of them taste pretty similar, so I'll give that guy a break. Winking Emoticons

After breakfast, I made some seriously strong coffee that required a bit too much milk to tone it down, but I'm sipping on it anyway.

Earth Day Giveaways

I have a big to-do list to get cracking on this morning, but before I sign off I wanted to share some fun  giveaways that landed in my inbox this morning. Giveaways are much more fun than Earth Day tips.

In celebration of Earth Day, Kellogg's is giving away a 2012 Chevy Cruze Eco, which gets about 42 miles per gallon. Fuel efficiency is good stuff. If you'd like to enter the drawing, just click here for the entry page.

Kellogg's is also offering a free reusable shopping bag to anyone who buys 2 boxes of Kellogg's cereals. If you already buy their cereals, why not get a free bag? We have a ton of reusable bags and use them for pretty much everything, not just groceries. These days, a lot of grocery stores are also taking a couple cents off your order for every reusable bag you bring in. To get your free bag, just click here for the order form.

Catch ya later for dinner!

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