Sunday, April 1, 2012

Saturdays are for Good Friends & Food

After my lazy day and girls lunch yesterday, we headed up to north Jersey for a little dinner gathering with some of our best friends from college. Our friends Dana and Anthony recently bought a new house, and got a new puppy, so we were so excited to finally get to see them both.

While enjoying good friends and conversation, several glasses of Malbec were consumed...

And good food was of course eaten as well! Dana and Anthony decided to throw a little BBQ in the hopes it would bring some more warm weather our way. Winking smile After nibbling on crab and avocado crostinis (recipe coming later this afternoon!), we all sat down to dinner.

I started with a bowl of salad filled with veggies, blue cheese and croutons, courtesy of Lindsay.

Dana and Anthony put out a huge spread for dinner, and it was all delicious. I had a veggie burger, a few baked sweet potato wedges, and a serving of Dana's homemade mac & cheese. So good!

After chatting and sipping on wine a while longer, we dug into our friend Lauren's apple walnut crisp. Yum.

We didn't make it home until pretty late last night, so I've been dragging a little today trying to get my Sunday to-do list done. Gotta get moving before I lose all motivation. Enjoy your Sunday!

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