Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stocking the Fridge

Well, two weeks have already gone by since our last grocery trip and things were looking pretty bare around here, so tonight was the night to load back up. We really didn't feel like cooking before we left, so we decided to hit up the salad bar at ShopRite for dinner.

Their salad bar is awesome. It's really fresh and has a lot of variety.

I filled my container with mixed greens, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, green peppers, roasted yellow squash and yellow peppers, carrots, red cabbage, cannelini beans, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, walnuts and blue cheese. Can you tell I was indecisive? Mixed up with some fat-free Italian dressing, it all tasted great.

All chopped up!
 After eating, we started our pilgrimage through all the aisles. I actually love grocery shopping since I often find new things to try and come up with meal ideas based on what's new or what's on sale. Matt loves shopping and cooking too, which is nice since it ends up being a little family outing for us.

Check out all that produce! I can't wait to dig into those berries in the morning.

We stocked up on a lot of good stuff, but there are a few things I'm really excited about.

  • Fresh mozzarella and goat cheese for Pizza Friday
  • Sesame tahini - Matt's going to make homemade hummus
  • ShopRite makes Greek yogurt now! It's so much cheaper than Chobani and tastes just as good
  • Dried dates - I'm coming up with a new granola recipe, hopefully these will be a good addition
  • Soy nuts - the long-lost salad topper. I haven't had them in forever, and Matt spotted them in the nut aisle today. These are packed with fiber and protein and add great crunch to greens.
  • Laughing Cow makes vegetable flavor now! I got way too excited about this. I'm hoping it tastes like veggie cream cheese so we can spread it on our Bagel Thins.
Now I'm off to sneak a spoonful of ice cream from the freezer and curl up with my new book. Have a good night!

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