Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Needing Some Comfort

Hey there! Well we're already halfway through the work week - hope it's going by fast for you!

Today seemed to be full of ups and downs around here. There's a lot going on right now on the old job front, and my head felt like it was in a million different places today. I actually ended up spending a good part of the afternoon over at Matt's parents' house since it's my home away from home; talking with family always seems to make me feel better and put my mind at ease, whatever the problem may be. Of course being fed leftover shrimp and ice cream cake helps too. Winking smile


After our evening walk with Riker and Butters, I was really craving some comfort food. Pasta is the ultimate comfort food for me, so I put together his & hers rigatoni, veggie and "meat" sauce bowls.

I simply cooked together some marinara sauce, chopped zucchini and Morningstar Farms soy crumbles, and mixed it all together with some whole wheat rigatoni. I love adding veggies to pasta because it gives the bowls a ton of volume. Comfort food at its best!

And yes, I drink milk with my pasta like a little kid. It's practically a requirement! Winking smile

I'm taking a break from my book tonight (which is really good, by the way) to catch up on Eastbound & Down. Talk about a guilty pleasure! It's the perfect distraction and just what I'm in the mood for tonight. Catch you in the morning Smile

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