Friday, March 9, 2012

Not Giving Up

Last night's Vinyasa class kicked my butt. Again. We warmed up with some sun salutations and general poses, but then we moved right along to things like this:

Side Crow Pose (Source)

and this:

Crow Pose (Source)

and then this:
Peacock Pose (Source)
This class really challenged me and it's safe to say I barely got my feet off the ground during some of these poses. At one point, I considered not taking the class again and toning it down a notch to a class where I know I can do all (or most) of the poses. Then the instructor told us that we were her favorite class to teach because even though not everyone can do all the poses, we're always willing to try anything. Then I felt guilty for thinking of dropping.

Although it would be easier to take a gentler class, it feels good to take a class where the instructor really motivates me and pushes me outside my comfort zone; it also helps when everyone in the class encourages and cheers each other on through tough sequences. So rather than giving up, I'm going to just start practicing these poses more at home. Hopefully with practice, I'll be flying my peacock in no time!


I'm pretty sore from all the arm work we did at yoga last night, so I decided to make today a rest day and just take a walk with Riker and Butters later this afternoon. That meant breakfast could be had first thing!

I had another bowl of Kashi honey toasted almond cereal with a banana I found lying around - no snacky fruit for breakfast this morning. Happy Emoticons
Happy Friday!

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