Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Grillin' of the Season

Well, today was another (scarily) warm and beautiful day, so we decided to do something really fun this evening: clean up the lawn! I kid when I say "we"...actually Matt cleaned the yard and I sat on a blanket with the baby, occasionally throwing a ball to an overwhelmingly excited dog.

After spending a few hours outside and getting the lawn furniture out of the shed (not cleaned or set up yet, but it's a start), we decided tonight would be the perfect night to fire up the grill. Matt's the grillmaster of the family, so he worked on dinner while I folded laundry; fair trade-off. On the menu: Shish kabobs and grilled potatoes. Smile

On the kabobs:
  • Cajun tuna steaks (I picked these up at the grocery store already seasoned so we just had to cut them up. They were really good, but a little too spicy for my liking).
  • Zucchini rounds
  • Onions
  • Green peppers
  • Fresh pineapple
Matt seasoned the veggies with a little garlic powder, salt and pepper, and then just used cooking spray on the grill to sear 'em up.

To make the potatoes, he just microwaved them for a few minutes to soften them up, then cut them into slices, brushed them with a little olive oil and put them on the grill to finish cooking. They were so.amazingly.good.

I always pull the goods off the skewer and make a big pile before digging in, but as I was doing that tonight I wondered if anyone actually eats right off the kabob skewers? Seems like it would be a pain to me, but maybe that's supposed to be part of the fun. Thoughts?

Is there anything more delicious than grilled pineapple? I think not.

We dipped our veggies and potatoes in a new barbecue sauce we picked up the other day to try. I'm usually a loyal fan of Sweet Baby Ray's, but this stuff was awesome. Loved it!

And now it's time to scrounge up something sweet. Smile

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