Friday, March 23, 2012

Day of Surprises

Today ended up being very impromptu and full of good things. Somehow I knew it was going to be a good one from the moment I woke up - didn't I call it this morning?

Remember how I mentioned the other day that things were kind of crazy on the job front? Well some good stuff happened with that this morning, which got things off to a good start. Then about halfway through the day, I got a call from my mother-in-law asking if I wanted to join the girls (her, MomMom and my sister-in-law Missy) for lunch. Yes, please!

We went to a local spot called The Office Lounge, which has a good menu with healthy options and an outdoor patio. Two very important lunch criteria. ;-)

Missy and I both opted for sushi. She started with miso soup, and I started with ginger salad.

For my main meal, I ordered the Toms River Roll, which had tuna, salmon and avocado. Delish!

It was such a light, fresh lunch and so nice to sit outside and enjoy the weather.

To make the day even better, while we were at lunch I got a call saying the kitchen island we ordered ten weeks ago was finally in! Woohoo! I've only been calling them every day once or twice for the last few weeks, since once we ordered it, I of course had to have it immediately. I'll post some pics tomorrow - I'm loving it so far!

Well I'm on my own for dinner tonight since Matt is on a night ride (mountain biking that is) with his friend Chris, but we had kind of a late lunch so I'll probably just scrounge around for a snack to eat in front of the TV. Movie night, it is. Smile

Hope you have a nice weekend ahead of you!

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