Friday, March 2, 2012

Return to Yoga

It's been quite a while since I took a yoga class and I feel like my body has been stiff as a board lately, so I figured it was time to get back into it. Last night my friend Cathleen and I decided to meet up at a Warm Vinyasa class. I expected to leave the class feeling relaxed, but instead I left feeling motivated. This class was no joke!

The temperature was warm enough to get your blood pumping, but not as high as in "hot yoga." If you've never tried hot or warm yoga, I highly recommend it. I used to be really skeptical (this girl does not like being too hot), but the warmer temps actually loosen up your body and allow you to be more flexible. The instructor of this particular class was really awesome; she played old school hip hop songs and was so energetic. She really encouraged us to do more than we (or at least I) thought we could. There were definitely some poses I couldn't do, but she helped everyone work on their own practice and go at their own pace. The class was full of fun, laughter and collaboration rather than the tranquil, quiet solitude I'm used to in yoga. I loved it for a change of pace. I'll definitely be back!


This morning I made a quick breakfast of Kashi Heart to Heart honey toasted oat cereal and blueberries with skim milk before getting started on my workout.

Yesterday I pinned a circuit workout I could do from home from Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life. My friend Nicole gave it a good review, so I decided to try it out. This is a great at-home routine - try it out if you're looking for some strength training exercises to do outside the gym! My body was a little sore from all the upper body poses we did in yoga last night, but I made it through the circuit all three times. I followed it up with a nice long walk through the neighborhoods with Riker and the pup.
Now it's time to get my morning coffee and try to tackle my to-do list for the day. It's Friday and we're having a little Japanese dinner party tonight! :)

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