Monday, July 2, 2012

The Way Life Should Be

Hello from New Harbor, Maine!

We set off on Friday night for our first family vacation since Riker was born, and it's been a blast so far.  We figured driving up on Saturday would be quite a hike with summer traffic, so we drove about 5 hours north on Friday night and stayed in a hotel outside of Boston. It was the perfect halfway point. Riker was pretty tired by the time we got there. Love that face!

After a quick breakfast at the hotel on Saturday morning, we packed up, swung by Starbucks for his & hers iced coffees and then hit the road for northern New England.

By early afternoon we were in Boothbay region, and we had only one thing on our minds for lunch...lobster rolls! We had been told by numerous people that Red's Eats in Wiscasset is a must for lobster rolls, since they were rated the best in all of Maine.

The line was crazy (45 minutes at 2:00 in the afternoon), but it was sooo worth it.

Look at that roll! Actually, you can't even see the roll itself because it's covered in over 1 pound of pure, fresh lobster meat. You can choose to have your lobster roll served with either drawn butter or mayo to spread on the roll, but I chose to eat mine plain. I love that Red's gives you that option because I don't really like lobster salad all covered in mayo. Matt and I also shared a side of homemade sweet potato fries. Amazing lunch, accompanied by an amazing view!

After such a big lunch, neither Matt or I were hungry for dinner, so we spent the evening sitting on the dock sipping drinks and enjoying the view. Talk about relaxation.

Sometimes we like to go on big trips with friends or adventurous vacations where we pack a million things into one week, but sometimes we just like to go on vaca to get away from everything and unwind. This is definitely one of those weeks. It's just what we needed after a few months of hectic work schedules. As the Maine welcome sign says, this is "the way life should be." :)

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