Thursday, July 5, 2012

Food Truck Frenzy

Happy belated 4th of July! We had a great day in New Harbor yesterday, but I'm a bit backed up with posts since we don't have Internet in the house we're staying in, so let's back it up to Tuesday before getting to the holiday festivities.

We had slated Tuesday for a full day in Boothbay Harbor, which is about 40 minutes from where we're staying. It's a really cute, quaint town on the water with lots of little shops and restaurants. I knew we'd be eating out throughout the day, so wanted to start the day off on a healthy note - Kashi cereal bowls with skim milk and bananas at home did the trick.

Then we were on our way! The drive to Boothbay is dotted with food trucks we'd been wanting to try, so try them we did. Rather than just picking one place to try, we stopped at a few different ones and just ordered one item to share. They all featured fresh seafood caught right off the harbor.

Sooo, we had declared Tuesday morning the start of a no-fry vacation after eating fried shellfish at Shaw's the other night, but unfortunately, the food trucks had other plans for us.

The first truck only had fried food, so we opted for a fried oyster roll. The oysters were really sweet and tender, and the roll was delicious. 

The second place literally only had one item on the menu - fried haddock.You could order a half sandwich or a whole (we ordered a half), and either with fries or without (we ordered without). Can you believe how much fish you get for a half sandwich? We also tried the famous Maine whoopie pies.

Homemade whoopie pies are seriously everywhere here, and they remind me of being a kid. My mom used to always make them, so I had to have one while here on vaca. It was good, but a little too sweet for my liking, so I abandoned it after a few bites.

We actually stopped at one other food truck that boasted great "8 dollar lobster rolls!", but were sorely disappointed. The whole lot went right into the trash before I even snapped a pic. I guess that's what we get for ordering cheap lobster! ;-)

After making ourselves sick with fried food, we parked in town and spent a few hours walking around, peeking in shops and picking up souvenirs. We also spotted a sign for a touch tank aquarium, so stopped in for a while for Riker to get some play time. He loved touching the clams and crabs. 

We also stopped into a local brewery that just opened up, Boothbay Craft Brewery. You all know Matt loves the craft beer scene, so when we found out the area now has its own brewery, we had top stop by. 

We took a tour and met the owners, who were great people. The brewery is small, but it's being supported by some major players on the craft beer scene including Dogfish Head, Smuttynose and Allagash. 

Their ale was tasty, as were their homemade pub cheeses.

We were hungry again by this point, so hoofed it to the other side of the harbor where we had important dinner plans. A few months ago I saw The Lobster Dock featured on Food Network for having the "best crabcakes in the country"(according to Bobby Flay Throwdown), so you know I was planning to check it out.

We of course ordered the crabcakes to share, and then Matt and I each ordered a lobster roll for dinner. 

The crabcakes were good, but I have to say they weren't the best I've ever had. I was expecting them to have a little more volume. Ah well. The view from our dinner table more than made up for it.

Another perfect day in Maine! And now seriously, no more fried food. ;-)

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