Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Big Day

Lindsay's big day has finally come and gone. And what a great day it was. :)

I headed over to Lindsay's parents' house first thing Saturday morning to spend the day with the bridal party. It was so fun spending all day with the girls, sipping on mimosas, eating bagels and getting our hair and makeup done. 

Around 2:30, we put our dresses on, watched Lindsay descend the stairwell in her beautiful gown, and took some photos before heading to the church. Doesn't she make a gorgeous bride?

She was also a very calm bride. :) Lindsay is one of the most chill people I know, which came in handy when her limo didn't show up to take her to the church. She stayed cool as a cucumber, and thankfully everything worked out and the ceremony kicked off only 15 minutes late. 

Once the ceremony was over, the whole bridal party piled into a party bus and spent the next few hours hanging out and romping around the beach at Asbury Park.

By the time we got to the country club for the reception, I was starving and definitely ready for cocktail hour. There was a lot to choose from, but I definitely partook in the mashed potato bar and the coconut shrimp. I was too impatient to snap any pics, but I can tell you they were both delish!

An hour or so of dancing later our salads were served, and I was excited to dig in after seeing the grilled shrimp and toasted pecans.

Too bad I didn't realize it was dressed with a warm bacon vinaigrette! I got about halfway through before I realized something didn't taste quite right. Fail. Oh well, I survived.

Dinner was surf and turf, which worked out fine for me and Matt. I traded him my steak for his crabmeat-stuffed shrimp. I also ate every last vegetable on my plate. They were so good!

You see that purple orchid there? My friend Cathleen's boyfriend swore that we were supposed to eat them, despite our whole table assuring him that orchids are just for garnish. Before we could stop him, he shoved that thing in his mouth and swallowed it down. I died laughing. Do any of you actually eat those things?

Lindsay and Ryan had a few special surprises for their friends and family throughout the night, but my favorite would have to be when Ryan and his sister surprised Lindsay with their rendition of "Jersey Girl." So sweet.

The whole night was so much fun, and we danced for hours on end. After the official reception ended, they had an after-party onsite complete with a DJ, open bar and snacks (yes, I caved into a mozzarella stick ;-) I love going to weddings, especially when all my best friends are there. It was a blast. 

Congrats Lindsay and Ryan, I couldn't be happier for you!


Matt and I spent the night with the bridal party at the wedding hotel, and when we came home on Sunday we went straight to a family party. It was crazy hot, so chilled seafood and a dip in the pool were perfect.

Lovin' summer!

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