Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beach Day

Our first full day in Maine started off with a bang. We were up early with Riker and didn't feel like sitting around the house, so we took an hour-long drive around the harbor looking at all the pretty houses and inlets. It's so beautiful here!

The New England shoreline is so different from the beaches we live by in Jersey. It's rocky with crystal clear water, and the air smells so clean and pure with a hint of sea salt. I'm in love with this town.

By the time it was 8:00 and the restaurants were starting to open, our bellies were rumbling. We'd been told to make sure we got to the Cupboard Cafe for breakfast one morning for their famous homemade breads and sticky buns, so we headed straight there. There was already a line out the door, but the wait wasn't long and the staff was super friendly. How cute is this place?

Now I'm not one for sweet breakfasts - especially high calorie-laden sticky buns, but everyone in line told us these were a must, so we ordered one as an "appetizer" to share. ;-) We weren't disappointed! They were freshly baked, soft and gooey. Yum.

Matt and I also each got breakfast sandwiches - mine had fried eggs, fresh spinach, tomatoes and local cheddar cheese on homemade multigrain bread. Delicious! I was really full after eating only half, so took the other half home for breakfast the next morning.

After breakfast, we packed up our beach bags and headed a short way down the road to Pemaquid Point to hang out on the beach for the day. It's been unseasonably warm in Maine this summer, so we were even able to go swimming in the ocean - a rarity this far up north! 

It was Riker's first time at the beach, and he loved it. A little too much. Every five seconds we were pulling handfuls of sand out of his mouth. 

"What's wrong with eating sand?" ;-)

Our long, relaxing day in the sun concluded with freshly caught seafood right on the dock at Shaw's Wharf, which is a few miles from where we're staying. Maine is full of these "order at the counter" seafood joints, and they are my favorite places to go here. They aren't fancy, but the seafood is so fresh, the atmosphere is laid back, and there is usually an awesome view to look at while you eat.

Matt ordered the fried seafood platter for dinner - something we had to get at least once while we were here - which came with local shrimp, scallops, haddock and clams. I ordered grilled salmon with a baked potato. Both were delicious.

It started pouring as we pulled in so unfortunately we had to sit inside, but as soon as we were done eating, the sun came out and we were able to go out and watch the boats in the harbor. I love the feel of the air after a good thunderstorm.

Talk about a great day!

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