Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ending on a Good Note

We wanted our last full day in Maine to be a relaxing one, so rather than driving anywhere or making any real plans, we decided to spend the whole day at the beach. After breakfast, of course.

Figuring that we were nearing the end of our vacation, I decided Kashi could wait til I was home. My tummy craved a breakfast sandwich from The Cupboard, so that's where we went. The cafe was crazy busy again, but the wait is so, so worth it. I ordered an egg sandwich with locally smoked salmon, cream cheese and grilled red onions on homemade oatmeal bread. Salty amazing goodness! I only ate half, and gave my other half to Matt in exchange for a few bites of his Eggs Benedict.

I'd never tried poached eggs before, and was happily impressed. Especially since they were sitting atop homemade English muffins, fresh spinach, mushrooms, and roasted red peppers, and covered in a cheesy herb sauce. Yum!

After breakfast we spent a relaxing day at the beach, followed by a quick dip in the local swimming hole.

I'm very familiar with "swimming holes" having been a kid from Vermont, but they are still pretty novel to Matt so every time we drove by he commented that he wanted to take a dunk. 

The spot was packed since it was a hot day, and surprisingly the spring-fed water was a balmy 80 degrees! I didn't partake in the swim, but happily sat on the sidelines enjoying the ice cream cone I picked up on the way there. One scoop of triple chocolate and one scoop of vanilla with peanut butter cups. Mmm.

Dinnertime rolled around fast, and there was one last seafood joint in the area we wanted to check out before heading home, Muscongus Bay Lobster Company. The place was jam packed, but we had a nice time chatting with the locals, enjoying the view and sipping on local brews while we waited.

Matt and I ordered a few things to share, including a haddock sandwich and some lobster pasta, but we couldn't leave home without two more of these. Sick of seeing them yet? 

Well don't worry, that's the last of 'em you'll be seeing for quiiiite some time. ;-) Card games and local IPAs rounded out our Friday night. No complaints here!


We made the long drive home yesterday, and we were welcomed back to New Jersey with a crazy heat wave and electric storm. It was nuts! I'm spending today trying to keep the end-of-vacation blues away, doing loads of laundry and getting back into the swing of things before the work week begins again. Time to get back to reality (sigh).

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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