Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend, Baby

Happy Father's Day! How's everybody's weekend going so far? As per the usual, things around here have been both busy and fun.

After work Friday night I headed up to Freehold, NJ for a final dress fitting with my good friend Lindsay. She looked gorgeous in her wedding gown, and they just had to put a few finishing touches on before they packed it up to take it home. I can't believe the wedding is in less than a month, we're all getting excited!

By the time I got home from the appointment around 8:30 PM, neither Matt nor I were in the mood to cook and we were starved. Sooo we cheated and ordered in. Indian takeout and cold beers, oh yes.

I love Indian food because there are so many vegetarian options. This time I opted for a dish of chic pea and Indian cheese dumplings in a spicy coriander sauce with cashews. Spooned over basmati rice with a side of grilled naan, it was seriously amazing. Especially when paired with a hoppy Indian Pale Ale.

We ate our meals perched on the couch watching the finale of Hatfields & McCoys on the History channel. Seriously, if you haven't watched that mini series yet, it is so worth it. It's the true story of an epic feud between two southern families after the Civil War, and it's really amazing how crazy things were back then. Laws? No such thing. So glad I didn't have to live during that time period!



Saturday's breakfast was really nothing special (yogurt, fruit and toast), so I'll spare you the details.  After our bellies were filled, our little family piled in the car to go grocery shopping. Someone had to use the motorized cart like an 80-year-old man. ;-)

A few weeks ago I tried using Peapod grocery delivery, which I liked, but Matt and I both really enjoy grocery shopping and prefer to do it together when we can. Even if it means driving a scooter. Ha! 

Our first stop at the store was to Dunkin' kiosk for some coconut iced coffee. Gotta start the morning right.

I nabbed some good eats while at the store, and have some fun meals planned like grilled swordfish with fresh corn relish, and falafel with pitas and yogurt sauce. Can't wait!

After shopping I took a little "me time" and left Riker at home with Matt while I spent an hour at the nail salon for a sorely needed pedicure/manicure. Sweet relaxation. 

Then it was off to celebrate my good friend Cathleen's 30th birthday! 

A great Saturday, for sure. :)

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