Monday, June 18, 2012

Matt's First Fathers Day

Happy Monday morning! I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to spend some time with the special dads in your life. I spent my Sunday enjoying the company of two of the greatest ones, in my opinion. ;-)

I had originally made big plans to take Matt to a Harbor Festival in Cape May, but at the last minute we decided to just stay around town and relax. We didn't feel like running around and dealing with traffic, and dads can be made to feel just as special at home as long as you make them pancakes for breakfast. ;-) Matt always wants them, and I always say no. But it was his day, so I gave him what he craves.

One of our favorite "us" songs is Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson, so it was only fitting to make these bad boys for his special breakfast. After breakfast, presents and a leisurely morning at home (and a THREE hour nap for Riker...wha??), we headed over to Matt's parents' to hang out with the rest of the family poolside.

Since we're creatures of habit, we brought lunch over from L. Gourmet again. Just as delicious the second time around, and it looked the same too, so I hope you don't mind a recycled photo. This time I only ate half my sandwich, though, thankfully. Those things are so filling.

We finished the day with a boat ride around the bay and down the river. It was Riker's first time on the boat, and I'm pretty sure he loved it, judging by the fact he kept leaning back and dozing off every 5 minutes.

I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful, serene place. And even more lucky to have a guy in my life who is such a great husband and wonderful father. Happy first Fathers Day, Matt, we love you!

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