Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Garden Green

The time has finally arrived...

The tomatoes are ripening!

A few weeks ago when I was sipping fruity drinks and eating beignets in New Orleans, Matt was busy getting his hands dirty planting our annual garden.

I have a little secret. I always say I love gardening vegetables, but I actually really don't. I love picking the garden vegetables and eating them to my heart's content. Every year I'm determined to roll up my sleeves and get serious about the garden, but somehow I just can't bring myself to pull the weeds and hoe the dirt. It makes me feel so guilty! And I find it bizarre since I lovingly take care of my indoor plants all year long.

Once the stalks start to grow and the fruit starts to blossom, however, I get hooked on the garden. I love waking up and watering the plants before the sun comes up and the ground gets hot. I love inspecting the seedlings every night after dinner to look for tiny purple eggplants blooming and cherry tomatoes blushing red. I love that with the garden, we can enjoy healthy, clean, pesticide-free vegetables all summer long. I love passing out baskets of produce to our neighbors and preserving the overflowing veggies for the winter to come.

I especially love picking the ripe bounty and making delicious things for dinner. Last night I enjoyed this little gem from the garden. The very first red tomato of the season!

After seeing it, the only plan I had in mind was a sandwich for dinner. Thankfully Matt ate dinner with his dad before I got home, so I got this beauty all to myself. ;-) It was ripe, juicy and delicious on a whole wheat California "BLT" with hummus, veggie bacon and sliced avocado.

Now it really feels like summer. :)

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