Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Coconut Curry Cod

Today is one day that I wish I watched The Bachelor or Bachelorette. We had a really fun work outing today that took us to the studio for the Katie Couric show where we got to be live audience members. Despite working in New York for quite a few years, I've never been in the audience for one of the talkshows and it was really a lot of fun.

The energy was really lively and Katie herself was super cute, down to earth and talkative with the audience on commercial breaks. She also filmed a few teasers and segments for the Emmy's while we were there, which was fun to watch since they made NO sense out of context - I can't wait to watch the actual TV airing and see it all come together.

The only downside: the theme was Bachelor/Bachelorette (can you believe it's been on for 11 years already?), and having never seen a single episode of either show I had NO idea who any of the guests were. After about an hour of having to clap energetically and yell "woo!" over and over for people I'd never seen before, I was zonked.

But if YOU like the shows, I'm sure you'll find the lineup pretty great. Chris Harrison was the co-host, and there were a bunch of Bach/Bachelorette stars including Trista, Courtney, Sean & Catherine, Vienna, Jason Mesnick & Molly and a few others I can't remember. Check it out next Monday morning - maybe you'll see me in the audience. ;)


The blog's been pretty devoid of food entries lately, so let's catch up on some of my new favorites - when I'm home that is!


Omelets are always had on weekends around here, but lately I've been stuffing them with all kinds of fun cheeses I'm spotting at the grocery store. Chipotle cheddar and smoked gouda have been top runners.

I've also been on a serious smoothie kick for both breakfast and snacks. I'm usually a strawberry or banana protein shake kinda gal, but the last few days I've been totally hooked on wildberry. I ran out of fresh fruit and found a forgotten bag of organic mixed berries in the freezer - I was skeptical about mixing them with my chocolate protein powder, but I'm a believer now. The combo is so good, and with just a splash of almond milk to get things moving, the frozen berries make the smoothies super thick.


Salads are a usual around here, but lately I've been topping them with my ginger garlic tofu. I prep a batch at the beginning of the week and get 3-4 servings for lunches. Just pop em on the salad cold and they're good to go.

My other go-to lunch has been a stirfry with some frozen TJ's broccoli, carrots, and Lightlife non-GMO soy "beef tips" topped with sesame seeds. I've pretty much been alternating these two lunches - salads when it's sunny, stirfry when it's rainy.


Now dinner has actually been a little fun. My newest soy burger creation looks weird, but is sooo tasty. Sometimes they just need something other than a Laughing Cow and ketchup.

On the bottom is a mound of sautéed zucchini, mushrooms and fresh spinach, topped with a Lightlife mushroom burger, a spread of olive hummus and a dash of sriracha hot sauce. Oh man is this good.

Fish also sometimes needs a makeover since it gets baked, grilled and seared so often. And cod - I always buy it, and always get bored with it. It's good, but just needs some jazz.

Last night I had an avocado and cod that both needed to be used, and figured the only way to pair the two together was if coconut was involved. Enter Coconut Curry Cod. To make the fish, I simply dried it well with a paper towel and then coated it with a mixture of yellow curry, salt, pepper and unsweetened flaked coconut. Then I cooked it in my cast iron skillet on medium heat in a spoonful of coconut oil. Once it was cooked, I sprinkled it with salt and topped it with some simple guacamole.

The coconut-curry flavor was delicious, and the coconut got nice and toasty and crisp, so it had the texture of being breaded without the actual breadcrumbs. We had some steamed artichoke hearts on the side.

I'm on the bus on my way home from the city now and we're just pulling off the exit. Time to get this booty home for some dinner and relaxation before it's back to the concrete jungle. ;)

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