Saturday, April 6, 2013

Old Standbys

Hello Saturday! Once we got back from Vermont on Monday night, the week seemed to fly by. The last few days have been packed with busy work days, pediatrician appointments, evening bike rides and a meeting with our realtor (we miiiiight start looking at new houses while the market is still good for buyers...that little itch is comin' back!). I didn't have much time for elaborate cooking, so a few familiar standbys were front and center.

Lots of yogurt parfaits eaten while driving - I'm loving the yogurt-in-jar breakfast. It makes me happy.

The cinnamon banana-maple-pecan combo is becoming my new fave. I've eaten it like 3 times in the past two days.

Since we were away last weekend and I didn't have time to go grocery shopping, I ordered our groceries online from the car on Monday - love that! ShopRite finally has order online shopping and they were running an April Fools special for $20 off your order, so it was a no brainer. Unfortunately my internet hot spot was acting up in the car and I accidentally ordered double lettuces, double spinach and double random veggies. When you already order giant packages of those things, double orders make for a lot of extras. My greens wilt so quickly, so I've been eating salads like a mad woman. And being an annoying wife by asking every 5 seconds, "You're eating salad for lunch today right? Don't forget to take salad ok?"

To make 'em a little different, I've been switching up the combos - some days it's avocados, sunflower seeds, hot sauce and Lightlife veggie burgers chopped up, and other days it's a chopped salad with shrimp seared in coconut oil and topped with toasted coconut and macadamia nuts.

I tried to use up a bunch of the extra spinach by doing a spinach-tomato saute over fresh flounder for a break from the salads - I'm pretty sure this was actually the only hot meal I made all week. It was ok, but I got sick of it halfway through. I try to do grilled fish once or twice a week, but sometimes I'm just not into flounder. Blech. The cherry tomatoes though - wow. They were so sweet and juicy this week. Summer's coming!

So there you have it. You didn't miss much in the way of cooking around here this week!

This weekend should be a fun one at home, and I'm looking forward to it. Last night we went over to Missy and Corey's new house to help with painting and getting the bedrooms ready since they're having new carpeting installed today.

I love the colors they picked. I'm a pretty good trim painter, so I was on window-painting duty. I actually love painting; I love how fresh and clean a new coat of paint can make a room feel, it's like a blank new canvas.

It's also fun when when you're painting with a group of fun people, listening to Jack Johnson and sipping on a Dogfish Head 60 Minute.

Matt's heading back over there today to help put up trim on the closets and door frames and get started on the hallway next. While he's playing carpenter, I have a fun day ahead of me with my favorite girlfriends. It's another bridal shower day!

Have a great Saturday!

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