Saturday, February 2, 2013

Window Shopping

Friday night pizza is somewhat of a tradition around here. I had already menu-planned to have homemade pizza once in this meals rotation, but since our weekend plans got changed at the last minute keeping us home, last night seemed the fitting time to break out the dough and cheese.

Matt made the pizza dough (using our regular recipe) while I finished up work, and when it was done we topped it with marinara, light mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, and a bunch of homemade spicy pickled peppers we were given as a gift.

These peppers are awesome. They're spicy enough to make my lips burn, but vinegary, flavorful and not overpowering. So good on pizza!

This morning we had a plain cereal breakfast and hung around the house for a few hours doing laundry and other weekend chores, but by noon Matt and I both had the itch to get out of the house. I love relaxing on the weekends, but I can't stay inside for too long. Riker was no longer contagious, so we decided to eat a quick lunch and then head out. Whole wheat veggie & hummus wraps with carrot sticks did the trick.

Every once in a while Matt and I like to take a drive around neighborhoods in other towns and look at houses we might buy (or build!) someday if we ever decide to sell our own house, and Matt's been wanting me to see some new developments a few towns away. Today was a sunny and gorgeous day for a drive, and Riker was enjoying riding around in his car seat, so house "window shopping" sounded like fun. With Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes and a house brochure in hand, we drove around and scoped out all the possibilities for where we might see ourselves in a few years.

Once the daydreaming was done, we ran a few shopping errands around town. I needed to get some things for my office, and a new outfit for my friend Heather's birthday next weekend (we're taking a group trip to Atlantic City!). I scored the goods I needed, and Matt and Riker got a few steals as well. We were all hungry by that point, and since we originally planned to go out to dinner tonight if we were in the Poconos, we decided to treat ourselves to an early dinner at a local pub I've been wanting to try, The Spot.

I went with a garden salad topped with a sesame-glazed tuna steak, and toasted sesame dressing on the side. I haven't had a big salad in a while, and it hit the spot. Loved all those crunchy veggies! The Spot also has a big selection of craft beers, so we each ordered one. I ordered the Lagunitas IPA (one of my favorites) and Matt ordered the Founders Breakfast Stout.

If you've never had the Breakfast Stout, it's definitely one to put on your list. It has a strong espresso flavor, and though I'm not usually a fan of coffee stouts, this one is perfectly delicious.

Now we're home and I'm tuckered out from spending the last two hours playing hide & seek and airplane with Riker. Time to park my butt on the couch and enjoy an annual tradition...

Happy Groundhog Day!

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