Sunday, January 27, 2013

Redneck Aquarium

Since we were away last weekend and didn't get to spend much time with Riker, Matt and I wanted to do something fun with him on our Saturday. He was also getting really antsy around the house, so we all needed to get out. Unfortunately there aren't many options here when the weather is freezing and we didn't want to drive an hour to a museum or aquarium, so we opted for something so totally cliche. We braved Chuck E. Cheese's for the first time.

I knew the day would come, just didn't think it would come this soon. ;-) Our friends Chris & Karla and their two kids joined us there for lunch and activities, and none of us had ever been to a Chuck E. Cheese's before. It was a madhouse in there and we were all a little overwhelmed when we first arrived, but Riker and Evan loved it.

All the rides are only 25 cents (crazy right?) and they rode every one until their hearts were content. Chris and Karla had a new baby nearly two months ago and I still had not met her, so I was excited to catch up with Karla and finally meet their little girl Lizzie. She's so cute!

After about an hour and a half the kids were tired and us parents were all kinda done, so we said our goodbyes and headed out. I don't think we'd go there often, but it's not a bad option for a cold day.

I had plans to make Indian flatbreads for dinner last night but only had curry on hand, and Matt insisted we needed some new Indian spices, so we decided to take a little drive up north for our quarterly trip to Wegmans. It's seriously my favorite grocery store ever. They carry everything, it's way cheaper than Whole Foods, and it's beautiful inside. I wish we had one closer, but it's actually kind of fun to go every few months and stock up on fun foods. Every time we go, we leisurely go up and down every aisle, sample practically everything (yesterday's favorite - brie with cranberry chutney, mmm), and get a snack to have in their Market Cafe.

We didn't end up buying a ton of items this time, but we did come home with a variety of Indian spice blends and some Japanese goodies, including organic buckwheat soba noodles for the Thai peanut soba noodle salad we love.

When we pulled into Wegman's Matt spotted a giant fish store in the plaza next door, and suggested we take Riker there to see all the different fish. He loves 'em. I looked at him sideways and asked if he was kidding, but he was totally serious.

I could just hear Jeff Foxworthy using that as a punchline. "If you take your kids to the fish store and tell them it's an aquarium, youuuu might be a redneck." Yep. Rednecks we are.

I have to admit, though, that he loved the place. It was the biggest fish tank store I'd ever been to and they had tons of brightly colored tropical varieties.

On our way home, Riker requested we stop at Dairy Queen for ice cream.

Ok, actually Matt requested it since I made him get a healthy snack at Wegmans that he didn't like. :) I love DQ and haven't been in forever. We each got a mini Blizzard, which is the perfect size even if you're over the age of 5. Mint Oreo is probably the best flavor in the world. Other than Ben & Jerry's strawberry chocolate cookie, that is.


This morning started with Van's light waffles with peanut butter & bananas, followed by a great treadmill & arms workout at the gym.

I just threw a bunch of stuff in my crock pot for dinner and am off to tackle the long list of Sunday chores. Hope you're having a great weekend!

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