Sunday, January 6, 2013

Playoffs Baby

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Yesterday was just what I needed on a weekend day. A little relaxation, a little productivity, some time with friends and a great dinner. After bumming around for the morning, I made some big salads for lunch and then we all headed out to run some errands. I still had a few Christmas exchanges to make, one of which was exchanging a pair of Toms I got for a new color and size.

I'm still not sure how I feel about the way they look, but I have to admit they're super comfy and will be great for my walks to and from the office on the days I work in the city.

I never ended up making it to the gym yesterday (the pitfalls of not going first thing in the morning), so in an effort to get a bit of exercise in we made a stop at the park for a brisk walk. Matt was anxious to give Riker his first ride in his new Radio Flyer wagon, and it was a hit.

We were surprised at how high the water in the creek was, it's really never been that high. I think some of the banks broke during Sandy and we've been getting a lot of rain lately, so there are new streams everywhere.

We finished up with some time on the playground until our fingers were just about frozen off, and we figured it was time to go home and warm up.


Dinner last night was an old favorite. Homemade sushi! I haven't made it in nearly a year. (To see how I make my sushi rolls, check out this post). We ate our feast at the bar because it's playoffs baby, and in this house we don't miss a game. 

I never make sushi with raw fish because it scares me to do it at home, so for these rolls I used shrimp. I dusted them with wasabi, then coated them  in panko breadcrumbs and baked them in the oven before packing them into the sushi.

In the rolls:
- Wasabi shrimp
- Carrots
- Seedless cucumbers
- Black and white sesame seeds

I actually made two varieties. The first one included mango and sriracha hot sauce, and the second one included cream cheese and homemade habanero peach jam. Normally I hate Philadelphia sushi rolls (which always include cream cheese), but I loved these rolls - the sweet & spicy jam was a perfect addition.

As usual, I served the rolls with red miso soup I bought at ShopRite and some salty edamame. I peeled a bunch of the edamame pods for Riker and he ate the beans like it was his job. Love that this kid likes to eat healthy foods. 

After dinner and putting Riker down for the night, Matt had a few of his buddies over to watch the rest of the games. I was pumped that the Texans won last night because that means they'll face the Patriots in the playoff game next weekend...and I think the Pats will have that game in the bag. :)

The boys snacked and had a few drinks, but I limited myself to one beer for the evening. A Sierra Nevada Torpedo. I love IPAs and it was delicious, but no joke. One was definitely enough for this girl.


This morning I woke up to gleeful cries from downstairs. It snowed, it snowed!

The pretty white stuff makes me so happy. Time to grab my coffee and get cracking on this beautiful morning!

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