Monday, September 3, 2012

Living up Labor Day

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope you're having a fantastic holiday weekend so far. My weekend seems to be flying by. It started on Friday night with our second annual Fantasy Football Draft here at the "Baratta Bar," complete with a group of our friends, a few Cricket Hill Hopnotic IPAs (a Jersey brew I really enjoyed) and some snacks. Matt smoked a turkey in the backyard during the day, so served up some smoked turkey & bacon sliders alongside the typical chips & assorted dips for the hungry bunch.

I was bummed I didn't get Tom Brady on my team this year, but I can't get him every year I guess. I came in second place in our fantasy last year, and am gunning for first this time around. :)


LDW festivities continued on Saturday with a housewarming party for our friends Mike and Morrigan, followed by a 30th birthday party for my good friend Lindsay. It was a beautiful day for some outdoor parties.

And yesterday we wrapped up the "fun" part of the weekend with a boat day out at Tices' Shoal, which is a shallow area in the bay near Island Beach State Park. Matt's sister Missy and her husband Corey offered to babysit so we could enjoy an adults-only afternoon - I'm pretty sure Riker had more fun with them than he would've with us anyway. He went on his first bike ride!

How cute is he in that helmet?

Out on the boat we didn't have much sunshine, but that didn't stop our little crew from having fun in the water. We spent most of the day in the bay, but at one point we trotted over to the other side of the island to play in the ocean. The water was so warm, and us girls had a great time taking turns getting tossed up in the air and into the waves.

Matt still has a bum leg, so stayed nice and safe in the giant tube, also known as "party island." ;-)

We finished off the evening with sushi and Chinese food back at Missy & Corey's with our little guy. Great weekend so far.


Today is a big day on the homefront; school starts again tomorrow, so we're trying to get everything in order before Matt goes back to work. It'll be his first day in the classroom since he broke his leg in May, so we'll have some adjusting to do around here. I also have 20 pounds of fresh Jersey peaches sitting on my dining room table that need to be jammed and canned before they go bad, so I'm off to start peelin' and dicin'.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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