Monday, September 10, 2012

French Bread Pizzas and a Grill Fire

The first football Sunday of the year wouldn't really be complete without some pizza. Last night we needed a little something to nibble on for dinner while watching the 8:00 game, and looking through the fridge I noticed we had everything on hand for a college classic - French bread pizzas! Remember these?

They used to be the go-to late night snack on Saturdays back in the day. They were delicious, but can't say they did anything for my figure. ;-)

To make our homemade French bread pizzas, I spread a little low fat ricotta on crusty French bread, then topped it with fresh sliced Jersey tomatoes.

Then I shredded some low fat mozzarella cheese to go on top. The kicker, though, was the crispy shallot and basil topping - I wanted to use up the produce I bought at the farm on Saturday, so sauteed a bunch of thinly sliced shallots and a big handful of basil in a little olive oil with salt and crushed red pepper. I sprinkled it all on top of the cheese and threw the pizzas in the oven at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes.

All broiled up, it was a perfect Sunday night dinner. 

Being Monday and all, it's time to get back on track for the week, so I just finished prepping a big bowl of veggies and a nice filet of salmon to go on the grill. Just as I was about to throw everything on...the grill caught fire. No joke! The whole propane tank nearly blew off, and thank goodness I have a husband who remembers where we keep the fire extinguisher. Phew! The bad news is, our oven is in the process of a 4 hour deep clean and the stove burners are all being cleaned inside the oven...andddd the toaster oven just broke. So that leaves us with a microwave. Something tells me microwaved salmon just won't do, so I'm not really sure where dinner will take us after all.

Tell me - any good microwave dinner recipes out there? 

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