Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

Yet another summer weekend has passed. This weekend we had a busy few days and a full house again, with my mom, sister and grandma staying with us to attend some family events. Within three days I had a bridal shower, engagement party, comedy show in the city with friends, and an overnight in Hoboken, all topped off with a Sunday afternoon lazing around the backyard. I ate out a few times, but also made time to cook some healthy(er) dinners for the fam at home. 

Starting with taco night! These were stuffed with spicy grilled shrimp, homemade refried beans and lots of other goodies.

Homemade marinara and garlic green beans also made it onto the menu.

McCloone's Boathouse in West Orange was a gorgeous spot for my cousin's bridal shower, and the food was awesome. Crab bruschetta and stuffed zucchini squash blossoms were my favorites.

Immediately after the bridal shower I zoomed over to an engagement party for our good friends Adam and Liz. The bride's sister made these cupcakes - aren't they so cute? I actually didn't eat any, but everyone raved about them.

Our night out in the city began with a show at Comic Strip Live. It was hilarious, as usual. Loved that the host made fun of his long mullet, since we were definitely all thinking it. :)

Sunday night dinner was a feast of summer, complete with grilled Italian chicken (for them, not me), sweet corn on the cob, a huge salad, and pasta tossed with fresh tomatoes, basil and brie - a dish that had been forgotten for many years and was way overdue to make an appearance.

And now, back to the grind for another week. Thank goodness the next one up is a 3-day, I feel like I need it!

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