Thursday, August 16, 2012

No Time to Lose

When I set my alarm last night, I fully planned to get up early to get my workout in. By the time 5:30 AM rolled around, however, I ended up snoozing twice and then laying in bed checking email - yes, procrastinating - until I realized I needed to be showered and dressed within 40 minutes before Riker woke up. Keeping with my new goal of not skipping exercise time, I decided that a quick workout to get my blood pumping was better than nothing, so I threw on a tank top and pounded out a few exercises on my bedroom floor before jumping in the shower.


This little routine took less than 15 minutes, and although it certainly was no hardcore fat-blasting workout, it at least got my heart rate up a bit and put me in the right mindset for the day. 

Morning Meals

After showering up, it was breakfast time. 

I haven't been posting my breakfasts and lunches lately since they're usually the same day after day - Kashi with berries, yogurt with fruit, salads or couscous bowls - but today they were extra good so I thought I'd share. For breakfast I toasted a Van's light all natural waffle and topped it with half a sliced banana and a cup of plain, fat free Greek yogurt that I spiked with cinnamon. So good! 

Halfway through the work day I stopped for lunch, and since I'm working from home now, I took advantage of it by walking out to the garden and picking a tomato and a cucumber to stuff inside a whole wheat pita pocket.

I spread a little hummus on the bottom, then added some peppery arugula and sliced tomatoes, and stuffed a chopped up Gardenburger and a slice of cheddar cheese in for protein. I had crunchy cucumber slices on the side for some extra veggies. I ate my lunch outside on the patio enjoying this gorgeous humid-free weather; sometimes it's nice to get away from the computer screen for a few minutes and relax your eyes by looking at the blue sky and green grass. :)

It's almost Friday, friends...hope your week is flying by!

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