Friday, May 18, 2012

New Orleans, Here We Come

Happy Friday morning!

It's been one whirlwind of a week in our house, but it's all led up to some very exciting plans for this weekend. I'm currently sitting at Gate 44 at Newark Airport getting ready to head down to New Orleans! My good friend Lindsay, whose bridal shower I went to a few weeks ago, is getting married in July and we are sending her off in style with a girls weekend in the sunny state of Louisiana. I can't wait! There are 18 of us going, so it should be one crazy trip. I'm really looking forward to laying by the pool, eating some creole food and hitting up the karaoke bars on Bourbon Street. :)

I haven't had a chance to share much with you the last few days, so here are some of the eats that were enjoyed throughout the week.

Yogurt & berry bowls are back! We picked up some gorgeous long-stem strawberries and blackberries the other day, so I've been eating bowls of plain Greek yogurt with berries and a sprinkling of almond granola literally every day this week for breakfast. The berries are so sweet right now, I can't get enough.

The other night we had this delicious blue cheese tomato pasta for dinner. It was so simple to make, but unbelievably good with a creamy, tangy, veggie-filled sauce. I simply lightly cooked some yellow peppers and broccoli, then tossed the veggies with whole wheat rigatoni, a little marinara sauce, and some blue cheese crumbles. Once the cheese melted into the sauce, I threw in a large handful of arugula, and then topped each plate with a little more blue cheese. So good! It was nice to use blue cheese instead of parmesan or feta for a change.

Speaking of peppers, I've been eating them for lunch every day this week too. I snagged a giant bag of these cute little red, yellow and orange peppers at the grocery store for only $2 the other day - such a bargain! Usually these baby peppers are over $6 a bag (meaning I never buy them), but they were nearing their expiration date so were on mega sale. They weren't even wrinkly or soft yet, they are perfectly crunchy and sweet - perfect for a work day snack paired with a string cheese.

Other springtime veggies on sale this week included asparagus, which is one of my faves. I don't like the big fat ones (I always end up eating the "trees" and throwing out the "trunks" when they are the fat variety), but these thin ones are perfect. I just lightly steam them with salt, pepper and garlic powder, and this week served them up alongside some pierogies tossed with caramelized onions. This is such an easy weeknight dinner, and one serving of the potato-filled pasta is only around 200 calories. Not too shabby!

Now I'm off to grab a Starbucks before boarding my flight. I've been up since 4 AM (gasp) and my eyelids are starting to droop. I've got a long day ahead of me, so time to fuel up! Enjoy your Friday!

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