Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mexican Addiction

I've said it before and I'll say it again...Cinco de Mayo is coming! It's really just an excuse to eat glorious amounts of Mexican food and over-indulge in margaritas, but that's reason enough for me to celebrate.

I looked back at our life in pictures for the past few months, and realized that we eat Mexican food quiiiiite a bit.

Yep, I'd say it borders on addiction. Funny story - when Matt and I first started dating, every year he used to think my birthday was on Cinco de Mayo. It's actually on the 8th, but for the first few years he would always say, "Cinco de Mayo is coming, your birthday!" Um, no. So now every year it's still a running joke for us, and we celebrate the day wholeheartedly with spicy food and salty 'ritas.

If you're looking for fun ideas on how to get your fiesta on this weekend, check out some of the recipes on The Daily Buzz Top 9 today - it includes all things Mexican, including my tamales! A fun way to spend your Saturday, indeed.


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