Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lindsay's Shower

Yesterday we celebrated our dear friend Lindsay as she gets ready to walk down the aisle in a few months. It was such a fun day, and it's so exciting that after waiting so long, the fun times have finally begun!

We held Lindsay's shower at a local bistro called Artisan's, which we all love. Lindsay knows one of the servers there and we have girls lunches there fairly often, so hopefully she wasn't curious about showing up there and actually was surprised!

Before Lindsay arrived, we got busy setting up the room. 

Lindsay loves wine, so we went with a little wine & chocolate theme. 

Her wedding bouquets will have hydrangeas in them, so we decided to use them for the centerpieces at her shower as well. I love hydrangeas, they look so full and beautiful.

Lindsay's mom also got a ton of prizes for the guests, so everyone got pretty riled up playing Bridal Bingo. ;-)

Once Lindsay arrived and we all spent a few minutes chatting and sipping on glasses of wine, lunch was served!

I had some salad, garlic roasted veggies, a little penne vodka sauce and some tilapia stuffed with spinach and parmesan. Everything was great.

After presents and making Lindsay wear her silly hat...

We all dug into some dessert.

I had a half piece of the cheesecake and a bite of Cathleen's chocolate mousse. I had to try a bite of the cake too, which was half vanilla/half chocolate with vanilla custard in the middle. Yum!

After the shower, the bridal party went back to Lindsay's parents' house to hang out with the bride and groom and their families. More food and wine were to be had there, too, since Lindsay's mom is quite the hostess. ;-) I stopped off to pick up Matt and Riker to join the festivities, and it ended up being an awesome night.

Whew, what a long day, but a great one! 

I just finished a busy afternoon of errands and household chores, and I'm about to sink myself into the couch and relax for the evening. Hope you had a great weekend!

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