Friday, September 6, 2013

It's Fall

It's Fall. I can tell for a few reasons.

1. I turned off the AC yesterday and opened all the windows. It was 60 degrees when I left the house to drop Riker off at daycare this morning. Whaaat?

2. I started drinking hot tea in the afternoon.

I love that Yogi Tea tag. I was just about to pull out the tea bag and toss it in the trash when I noticed the saying, and it stopped me for a moment. I think it's often easy to forget to show compassion and kindness, especially when life is busy and work gets a little stressful, and it's something I always feel I can do better on. I pinned the tag to my bulletin board in my office so I can remember it daily.

3. Football is back!

And so is my undying obsession with Sons of Anarchy, which took a hiatus during the warm weather. I've been seeing the billboards advertising the new season starting next week, and have been getting an itch to start watching it again. Yesterday was a bit of a rough work day, and with my stress level a little high and the cool weather and darkness setting in early, rather than doing something calming like going for a walk or doing some yoga, I got a sudden urge late in the And so we did. One episode on Netflix was all it took and I'm hooked again. I'm hoping to finish season 3 next week, fly through season 4 and DVR season 5 which starts on Tuesday so I can pretty much watch SOA through the whole winter.

4. I'm craving pasta. I'm staving it off by making big bowls of spaghetti squash smothered in homemade red sauce and leftover pesto, and it's working.

I'm not sure how it happened, when just last weekend we were beaching and BBQing and it was 95 degrees and humid, but it did happen. It's Fall. I can't say I'm upset, it's one of my favorite seasons. It's almost time to break out my boots and start drinking pumpkin spice flavored everything. Wee!

Off to work, happy Friday!

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