Monday, August 26, 2013

"Bagels & Lox" Omelets

Yesterday we had a special treat at the beach.

That would be a seal! I've never seen one in NJ before and it was awesome to see him up there. After cleaning up from the BBQ yesterday morning, Matt, Riker and I took our dog Butters and headed to our favorite spot at Island Beach State Park to enjoy one of the last beach days of the summer. Matt went out surfing for a bit and this guy swam right up next to him, so close he could've reached out and pet him.

He gave Matt quite a scare - where there are seals, there are often sharks - so he paddled back into shore right away. We watched the seal swim about for a while before disappearing under the water, but when we came back later he had swam up onshore to rest and catch a few rays of sunshine. So cute! We were even lucky enough to see him hobble back down and jump in the ocean to swim away. It's pretty amazing how fast they can move when carrying all that blubber. ;)

We had actually planned to take a walk out to another part of the island to meet our friends Dan & Jen, who had come in by boat, but after walking nearly a mile we realized that our two spots were separated by an inlet that was about 25 feet deep, so we weren't able to meet up.

Oh well. It was kind of a rough walk since there wasn't really a path and lots of rough grass and broken shells, but the beauty was well worth the hour going there and back. I always love walking along the jetty and seeing the Barnegat lighthouse.

I'm trying to savor these last few precious weekends before it starts to get chilly.

Today and tomorrow are city days for me, meaning I got home around 8:15 tonight pretty hungry and in no mood to cook. Matt got home a little late too, so we decided on an easy meal of breakfast for dinner.

I had some lox on hand, so whipped up some "bagels & lox omelets" (sans bagel). It was filled with cream cheese, lox, capers, red onions, fresh dill, and green olives - everything you'd find on a lox bagel, but wrapped inside an egg omelet instead. I'm such a lox lover, and it was fannnntastic.

I can't believe it's already 9:30 pm. My days in the city always tire me out, so it's off to bed I go. I'm suddenly on book 3 of the Trylle Trilogy (Ascend) and am already hooked, so the next hour will be spent curled up under the covers reading furiously. Catch you later!

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