Sunday, April 20, 2014

Healthy Easter Baskets

Happy Easter!

Don't let that picture fool you. When we went to the mall for bunny pics on Friday night, Riker wanted nothing to do with it. Most of the shots are of him screaming and trying to run away, ha! I mean, the bunnies are pretty scary - I don't think I'd want to sit on their laps. :/

This morning my two loves woke up to Easter baskets full of goodies.

Normally our baskets see the usual pastel colored M&M's, jelly beans, Reese's Eggs and my personal favorite, malted Robin's Eggs, but this year I really wanted to make an effort to keep the baskets healthy(er) and not succumb to all the junk in the grocery store Easter aisle. Instead of focusing so much on candy, I filled the baskets with other fun stuff, and then (because sugar is still necessary on Easter) I dotted them with organic, non-GMO sweets.

In Riker's basket:

- Glow in the dark glasses
- Bubble wands
- Sunglasses (he loves wearing Matt's, and finally has his own now)
- A bunny sippy cup
- A potty watch (we need to get serious about potty training...)
- Ballons (another favorite)
- A light up bouncy ball
 - Some other little chotzky toys
- Chocolate covered pretzels, peanut butter discs and a chocolate bunny from a local chocolatier
- Easter eggs filled with Unreal chocolate candies (Target sells these!) - I put just 3 candies in each egg so we can limit his sugar intake and give him one egg, once a day

This was my first time trying Unreal candies, and I was impressed. They contain no GMOs, artificial colors, flavors, sugars or other junk. And they taste really good.

In Matt's basket:

- Organic chocolate covered banana bits (from the natural food store)
- Go Raw Chocolate Super Cookies (these have great health stats - I actually think they'd be a good snack for after a long mountain bike ride)
- Some plastic eggs filled with Unreal candies
- A wine gift certificate (I found a great Groupon where he can choose 4 bottles of good wine for the price of one)
- Homemade raw cacao almond candy crunch (Recipe from Food Babe)

Riker helped me make the almond candy and it was a fun little project. The almonds never really got brittle like I thought they would, but the flavor was really good and raw cacao nibs are filled with healthy antioxidants. I happened to have them in the pantry from a beer Matt brewed a while back, and was glad to finally have a use for them!

Truth be told, it wasn't that hard to find healthier candies and no one missed the traditional stuff this year. I felt good about giving these baskets to my family.

Now we're off to enjoy the sunshine and rest of the day at a family party. Have a great holiday!

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