Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Back & Forth

Good morning! It's another one of those day-after-snow-days where Matt has a delayed opening at school because the streets are still covered in ice, meaning we both got to sleep in a little bit and he could take Riker to daycare today for me, so I have a whole extra hour to myself before work starts. I love those mornings. Truthfully I should be using the extra hour to get my butt to the gym, which I seriously debated, but then I wouldn't have time to catch up with you all until later in the week, and really blogging is more important. Right? Right. I did still wake up fairly early so I could catch up on some emails and pick up around the house, so at least I was somewhat productive on my morning off.

So let's catch up from the weekend. It was filled with ups & downs, back & forths. Food-wise things swung from the super healthy to the super un-healthy.

I'm on a slight green smoothie kick lately, after seeing about 40,000 pictures of them on my Instagram feed. Such a great and healthy way to start the morning. But then at night everything went off the rails and we broke down out of boredom to take Riker out for ice cream. Actually Riker didn't even ask for it, that's a total excuse. It was Matt's idea and I happily obliged.

That face. Ha!

Activity-wise it was much the same. Some parts of the weekend were fun and others were really frustrating. Fun = a family trip to Trader Joe's on Friday night to stock up on tons of goodies, with a quick pre-shopping dinner at Wegmans. Maybe "fun" isn't the right word, but it was nice. :) For dinner I got an Eggplant Napoleon, green beans and garlicky kale.

And stock up on goodies we did.

I picked up tons of nuts to make a big batch of my own trail mix.

Other than lots of produce, grains, cheeses and coffee, some of my other fave purchases were PB and almond butter, dried fruits and a whole mess of dark chocolate. Enough to last us at least a month.

Fun also = going to my friend Annie's baby shower on Saturday with a bunch of girlfriends from college.

Annie and I knew each other in college, but we really became friends when we both moved to DC for grad school and both needed a roommate. We lived together for a few years and it was such a fun time in my life. I have so many fond memories exploring Adam's Morgan in the district, visiting wineries, going country line dancing (for real!), and sitting around watching Sunday football while we both worked on homework for hours on end. Annie still lives in the DC area so I don't see her often, so was really looking forward to spending an afternoon with her family and close friends.

I didn't snap a pic of my lunch, but I had some delicious penne vodka and salad. And no shower is complete without some cake. The shower theme was all about books, which I thought was a cute idea because Annie is an avid reader.

There are a lot of babies on the way this spring & summer - it's going to be so fun to have so many new mamas and little ones around!

So for the not-so-fun parts of the weekend. Sunday was supposed to be a super productive day, and you know those days when you try your hardest to cross every errand off your to-do list, but then every store is closed or doesn't have what you need, and you realize you wasted about 6 hours getting nothing accomplished? Yeah, that was Sunday. Suuuuper frustrating. So around 5:00 I called the day quits and went to take a shower to get ready for Superbowl. At least things ended on a good note with a little party at our friend Matt's house.

Riker was a total trooper and stayed up until the end of the game. AND I won $90 in a Superbowl Squares pool. Sweet end to the weekend!

Time to get my green smoothie on and start this work day. Have a great Tuesday!

How was your weekend? Any ups or downs?

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