Saturday, December 14, 2013

Party Week

It's been a week of festive fun around here! Today is the day of Riker's 2nd birthday party - which I still can hardly believe - so I've spent the last few nights getting things ready and having mini celebrations along the way.

Earlier in the week I started cookie baking and goodie bag making for the party each night after work. Riker's having an ocean themed party so all the food and decor are fish themed - angel fish and whale cookies, Goldfish snacks, Swedish get the idea.

Matt's been on dinner duty most of the week while I was baking and crafting, and we kept things pretty simple with soups and cauliflower crust pizza. We used a new recipe this time, though and it wasn't as good as usual. Oh well, still can't go wrong with sauce, cheese, olives and mushrooms.

Wednesday night was spent baking cupcakes for Riker's daycare birthday party and putting together his present, which Matt and I are both pretttty excited about.

We got him a battery operated Ford F150 truck. It's actually the exact model Matt wants to buy in real life, and I always wanted a battery operated car when I was a kid. Talk about a lucky little boy! He's in love with it already and I'm sure it's something he'll use for years.

Thursday was actually Riker's birthday, but Matt and I both had to work that day and I had my office holiday party, so Riker spent the day celebrating his birth at daycare and at the grandparents' house. Matt met me in the city that evening for my company party and we had a really nice time out.

I adore New York at Christmastime. It's so pretty all lit up and everywhere you go is warm and cozy. Love! I of course forgot to snap any pictures of people or the festively decorated restaurant, but I did remember to take a few shots of the food.

I ordered wild mushroom soup for my starter, sesame crusted salmon with horseradish cream and spinach, and then chocolate raspberry cake for dessert.

That little praline bowl holding the ice cream was actually the best part of the whole plate.

After a short work week, Friday came, woot! We actually both took off work Friday to spend a little family time with Riker since we missed his real birthday. The morning started with breakfast and presents, and then in the afternoon we met up with my sister-in-law Missy, MomMom and my in-laws for a trip to the local aquarium. You know, keeping with the fish-themed birthday and all.

Riker loves the aquarium and he had a ton of fun running around. I like our local aquarium too because the majority of animals there are rescues and are either being rehabilitated for the wild or will be kept there to stay safe if they're injured.

After the aquarium we all took a quick trip to the arcade across the street before heading to a pizza place for dinner.

Matt and Riker are just two peas in a pod. ;)

Such a nice little afternoon/evening.

Now I've gotta start packing up all the birthday party stuff while Riker is napping. We're hosting the party at an indoor pool so all the kids can swim and have fun, and I've got exactly one hour before it's time to go. Enjoy your Saturday!

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