Saturday, November 9, 2013

Friday Off

It's day 2 of our three-day-weekend-at-home, and it's been great so far. Yesterday started with breakfast smoothies, some play time at home with Riker, and then a trip to the gym. I haven't been to the gym in SO long because my work schedule prohibits it most of the time; the gym daycare doesn't open until 8:30 am, which is when I'm already dropping Riker off at daycare. Most of my workouts the last few months have been living room circuits or videos, walk/jogs around the neighborhood or yoga at the studio on the weekends, so I was excited to finally get back on a treadmill.

I completed 30 minutes on the treadmill alternating between 5 minutes of high incline walking and 5 minutes of low incline jogging. I finished up with some arms strength training and a couple sets of ab exercises. It felt great to finally get a workout in at the real gym.

Matt's sister Missy took Riker for a few hours so we could go run some errands, including picking out Riker's birthday present and stopping by HomeGoods for some bedroom spruce-up fun.

The white summer quilt I bought in the spring was starting to be too thin for the chilly fall weather, so it was time for some new winter bedding. Normally I go with tans and browns, but I felt like we needed a  pop of color for once - red it is! I have a few small red accents throughout the room already, so the new bedspread matches perfectly. I love it!

After our shopping was done we met up with Missy, Riker and MomMom for lunch at Atlanta Bread. Matt and I split a large Greek salad and then each got bowls of soup.

There were surprisingly quite a few vegetarian options, but the carrot ginger really piqued my interest. It wasn't as ginger-y as I'd hoped, but it was still good, and really pretty.

A few more errands and tasks around the house later, and then we were off to spend the evening at our friends' Chris & Karla's house for dinner. Kevin, Heather and their girls came too. Between all three families we had 5 kids running around, and it was honestly really fun watching the kids play together and entertain themselves happily while us adults hung out and caught up. Not a bad day to spend a Friday off. :)


Not much is on the agenda today besides yoga with the girls this morning and maybe a little bundled up beach action later today. Oh and this.

We're taking the plunge and starting to potty train Riker since he's been showing signs of being ready. Today's the first day of wearing real underpants, and he's really proud of it. Ha! I'm sure it'll be a bit crazy staying on top of him all day today, but at least the morning started out peacefully with a quiet breakfast in the kitchen while Riker slept in nice and late till 8:00 am.

The third book in the Divergent series is finally out, Allegiant, and I've been reading it ferociously for the past 3 days. I plan to finish it this weekend, squeezing in a chapter every chance I get. Addicted!

Enjoy your weekend!

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