Thursday, July 11, 2013

Almond Flour Crusted Cod

Well if last weekend felt like a long vacation, this work week feels equally like a long work week. I've got my hands pretty full this week with client projects, and I'm trying to wrap up a bunch of big items before I leave for vacation in two weeks. Just one more weekend at home and then we'll be in California for 7 days! I am beyond excited about the annual summer vaca, and it's been years since I've been to CA so I can't wait to return.

Yesterday I had meetings in north Jersey so left the house around 7 am to meet up with some colleagues. You know I love my yogurt jars, so I made a blueberry, strawberry Greek yogurt parfait for the road. Topped off with almonds, as usual.

I carbed it up at lunchtime since the client ordered pizza for us, which was really, really good. I had some salad and a slice of pie topped with fresh mozz, tomatoes and basil. Can't go wrong with that. But I was feeling a little heavy when I got back home around 5, so was glad Matt had planned a lighter dinner for us. He had prepped some summer squash and a nice piece of cod for the grill.

The summer squash was seasoned simply with a little olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder. The grill adds all the flavor. Burnt, crispy edges, please!

The cod was a surprising new twist, though. Normally when I grill cod I just throw it in a foil packet with some cherry tomatoes, herbs and lemon. Matt was in the mood for some kind of breadcrumb topping, but instead of using bread he used almond flour. He then added salt, pepper, lemon zest, chopped onions and fresh basil from the garden. When it came off the grill we gave it a squeeze of fresh lemon. So good!

The almond flour gave the topping a great texture, and it was nutty, a little sweet and citrusy. I'm loving this new addition to my pantry.

I inhaled dinner and then went back up to my office until about 11 pm to work on a project. Not quite as fun as last Wednesday night, but hey, sometimes it has to be done.

Time to go grab some coffee and get started on another day.

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