Friday, March 22, 2013

Seeing Doubles

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Yesterday was another double salad day.

After my trip I felt a little vitamin deprived and wanted to pack my day with veggies, so when lunch rolled around I made a big mixed green salad with carrots, cucumbers and broccoli, and a mess of tuna salad made with Sustainable Seas tuna, avocado, lemon juice and salt & pepper. I hate to admit it, but this sustainable tuna is growing on me. It tasted really good with the creamy avocado, and packed over 20 grams of protein. Filling!

Tuna + salad came again at dinnertime...

This time in the form of seared Ahi tuna steaks and California greens.

We bought the fresh tuna at Ahearn's fish market last weekend and stuck it in the freezer until yesterday. The tuna was so tender and flavorful (don't think I can ever buy it from ShopRite again after this), and Matt cooked it perfectly with a little coconut oil in the cast iron skillet. I seasoned it before cooking with salt, pepper and wasabi powder, then topped it off with a sprinkling of my new citrus fleur de sel from Munich. Aaaamazing.

Under the seared tuna steak was a salad bowl filled with:

- Mesclun greens
- Carrots
- Broccoli
- Cucumbers
- Chopped avocado
- Chopped fresh coconut (loving this as a snack lately!)
- A tablespoon of chopped macadamia nuts
- A simple dressing of coconut oil, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, salt and pepper

It was fantastic, and made me ache for summertime.


I was pretty exhausted waking up this morning...the jet lag and Wednesday's 22-hour day is catching up with me, and Riker is teething again so was wide awake at 4 am. I was in no mood to make an omelet and needed something I could take on the road to dropping Riker at daycare, so I went with another yogurt parfait.

This one was pretty similar to yesterday's, but I swapped out maple syrup for honey, added strawberries, and skipped the basil. Portable and satisfying. And the mason jar makes me happy. ;-)

Now it's time to get to work. I am so looking forward to a relaxing weekend, so gotta power through my to-do list on this Friday. Catch you later!

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