Thursday, November 22, 2012

Log Jammin'

Yesterday we made the long drive to my home state for the holiday weekend. It was actually a beautiful drive and we hit very little traffic, so made it to Vermont by around 8 PM. Around 5 we were all hungry and ready for some time out of the car, so we stopped at one of our favorite pit stops for dinner, The Log Jam in Lake George.

It was already all decorated for the holidays and looked so warm and inviting.

We were early enough that we were able to snag a table right by the fire. Riker loved watching the wood crackle and I loved sipping on a Vermont brew all warm and toasty by the flames.

So cozy! We've had lunch at Log Jam before and love the salad bar, but had never had dinner there before. We were definitely impressed with the food - this place is quickly becoming our favorite stop on the drive back and forth from VT.

The salad bar came with our meals, so we loaded up with veggies and their homemade green goddess dressing. They offered lots of homemade breads as well, but I couldn't resist their homemade garlic croutons, so declined the bread.

For my entree, I ordered the maple, mustard glazed salmon with pecan & apple crust. On the side I had a serving of roasted Brussels sprouts. Can't get enough of these things lately.

I loved that they offered half portions of many entrees, so I could get a meal that was a reasonable size and I didn't leave feeling stuffed.

A few hours after dinner, and we were home, unpacked and curled up on the couch chatting with my parents. My mom is a huge Survivor fan, so after visiting they put their show on and I laid on the couch reading my book; I'm deep into Sharp Objects (same author as Gone Girl, which was great), and had a hard time putting it down last night to go to sleep. Hoping to finish it tonight!


We woke up this morning to freshly baked cranberry orange muffins and coffee waiting.

Ah, it's good to be home. :)

Bellies full and hands warm, we're bundling up now to go for a nice long walk before coming home to cook with the family. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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