Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Using up Leftovers

Tonight's dinner was another quick one! We had to do a big grocery shopping trip this evening since we were away the last two weekends, and by the time we got home we were starving. I still had some sea bass left in the fridge, so we decided to finish it off by making California-style grilled fish sandwiches.

When I cooked the fish for last night's dinner I realized the fillet was way too big for one meal, so I cut it in half before adding the coconut and breadcrumbs for the fish tacos. Tonight we just popped the other half of the fish in the toaster oven to warm it up while we prepped the fixings.

While at the grocery store, I nabbed some delicious-looking whole wheat ciabatta rolls from the bakery. They were huge, so we decided to just split one tonight and save the other one for some shrimp po' boy sandwiches I have planned for later in the week. After toasting the roll (a must!), we topped our fish sandwiches with a bit of olive oil mayo, sliced tomato, yellow onion and half an avocado. Such a simple but good dinner, and full of protein and good fats.

And now, it's time for birthday cake Oreos! I've been seeing these in the store for a few weeks now, but after reading about them on How Sweet It Is and Bake at 350 today, a craving started that I just couldn't shake. I literally stood in front of the Oreo display at the grocery store today for about 5 minutes debating whether I should get them. I finally gave in and threw them in the cart. We try to limit the junk food in our house, but hey, sometimes you just need an Oreo!


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